Your MAP to a bigger bottom line!

  • Longer mechanical life of equipment.
  • Less down time due to mechanical failures.
  • Proper adjustments keep parts from wearing out as fast; therefore reducing parts costs.
  • Increased efficiency during a production period.
  • Better looking product.
  • Proactive maintenance training with existing and new crew members.
Here's what MAP gives you:
  • On-site technician during scheduled maintenance sessions.
  • Minor adjustments on the spot.
  • In-depth evaluation of current systems including written report.
  • Training of appropriate personnel.
  • Advisement on near future adjustments and parts needs to minimize down time.
Cost and scheduling:
  • Schedule your maintenance package 1,2,3, or 4 times annually, depending on your needs.
  • Price quotations will vary depending on the number of systems to be serviced and evaluated.
  • 10% discount on labor for packages of 4 times annually.
  • 5% discount on labor for packages of 3 times annually.
  • E-mail fax, or call us and we'll be happy to prepare a MAP for you.

A skilled maintenance crew is crucial to any operations team and they work best with an efficient spare parts inventory. Follow these steps to efficiency and effectiveness:

  1. Categorize parts numerically or according to different sections of the machine. Be sure all crew members know/understand the method.
  2. Check parts quantities frequently to keep necessary stock ready for emergencies and scheduled maintenance.
  3. Stock/keep track of those parts most often replaced or required. When possible, use the manufacturer's recommended parts. They're designed/fabricated to work best with the equipment.
  4. Be sure anyone ordering AFSI parts has easy access to an AFSI parts manual for quick reference.

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